Monday, October 24, 2011

Riverside Quarry - 10/15/2011

On Saturday the fifteenth of October, we wanted to go climbing, but Amy had fallen and hurt her knee a week before so she wasn't feeling like climbing anything hard. She also wanted to lead so we decided to head to Schoolhouse Rock at the Riverside Quarry since it has lots of very easy sport routes (even if they aren't very high quality).

We arrived at Schoolhouse Rock and started by climbing the route called Schoolhouse Rock. This route is a 5.8 that has 3 small roofs between slabby sections. Amy wanted me to hang the draws for her so I ran up the route and hung the draws. She then proceeded to redpoint it without any problems except for her knee hurting her.

Because of her knee she decided that she didn't want to lead any other routes that day, so I decided to run up a 5.9 called Tyrannosaurus Debt. This is a fun route for Schoolhouse Rock and consists of a 5.9 friction slab followed by a little 5.9 roof and ending with about 20 feet of 4th class to the anchors. I started up the route, but fell off on the 5.9 friction move so I lowered off, pulled the rope and went up again for a redpoint. Amy then TR'd the route and we decided that we only had time for one more quick route since it was getting so hot.

The final route we climbed was a 5.6 called I'm Just a bill that is mostly just friction slab with a 4 foot finger crack thrown in for good measure. I thought it'd be fun to lead it in chacos so I ran up it and got a redpoint in chacos which at least made it a little more interesting for a 5.6. Amy then TRd it and we started packing up to go.

As we packed up I noticed that the belayer in a group of climbers right next to us had no clue how to use a grigri (luckily they were climbinga 5.0 with bolts every 2 feet and the leader was only at the first bolt which is about 6 feet off the ground). I quickly offered to show him how to use the grigri and they asked me to belay the leader so that the new belayer could see how it's done. I belayed their leader and explained how the grigri works and how to belay so that hopefully they have a better idea now.

After that we headed out because it was way to hot to still be climbing in the sun.

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