Sunday, May 6, 2012

Frustration Creek - 04/07/2012

On Saturday the seventh of April, we only had a couple of free hours, but we still wanted to get a little bit of climbing in, so we decided to head to Frustration Creek since it is only about 10 minutes from where we live.  Asia's husband Drew was home which is very unusual for a Saturday, and he has been wanting to come climbing with us for a while now, so we invited them to come along, and we also invited Gwyenn.

Amy and I arrived first and decided to quickly set up an easy route for everyone to try, so I ran up a 5.7 called "Rumble in the Rubble", then Amy TR'd it.  About this time, Drew and Asia showed up, so Amy belayed Asia up the route while I went and installed a couple of TR anchors at the top of this 4th class slab that would be perfect for Danny to practice climbing on.

Asia Climbing "Rumble in the Rubble" - 5.7

After Asia finished climbing the route She belayed Drew up it while Amy and I went to climb a 5.11a called "Eco Challenge".  Eco Challenge is a pretty fun route that gets progressively harder the higher you get.  It starts out with a little .10a section followed by a rest, then there is a roof that feels like about .10c, followed by another rest, and finally an .11a roof.  After the final roof the route really should just end, but it continues up past a couple more bolts  through extremely easy terrain.   I easily got the redpoint of Eco Challange, then Gwyenn TR'd it, Drew tried TRing it, and Amy finished up the day of climbing with another TR of the route.

Gwyenn on Eco Challenge - 5.11a

Amy in the initial .10a section

Amy pulling the .10c moves

Amy just past the .11a crux

After that we cleaned up the gear and headed home.  It was a very short day of climbing, but we had a good time nonetheless.

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