Sunday, January 8, 2012

Red Rock NV - 12/23/2011

For Christmas this year we headed to UT to visit my family, and since we had to pass through Vegas to get there we decided to stop and do a couple of routes in Red Rock. Because we were traveling we didn't have a whole lot of time so we decided to climb in Calico Basin so that we wouldn't have to drive the complete 17 mile scenic loop road at 25 mph.

When we got to Calico Basin we decided to just climb at Cannibal Crag since it is close to the road and is a good safe area for the kids. As usual, Cannibal Crag was very busy and the normal 5.8+ warm up was occupied so we started by climbing one route to the left of the 5.8+, a 5.10a called "What's Eating You". I cruised it and got the onsight, then Amy followed it on TR.





After that route, I wanted to climb something harder and had my eyes on a 5.11a called "Have a Beer with Fear". We headed over there and I roped up, but I was having a little bit of trouble figuring out the moves above the first bolt and the kids were getting kind of crazy so I decided to downclimb. I knew that 5.11a is getting close to my limit and I would probably have to hangdog the whole route which didn't sound like a fun option with the kids crying in the background.

We calmed the kids down and I wanted to do at least one more route so I decided to just run up the 5.8+ (A Man in Every Pot) since I knew it would be easy and wouldn't take any time. Amy just wanted to leave so after I ran up the route we packed up and headed on to Utah.

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