Sunday, January 8, 2012

Riverside Quarry - 01/07/2012

Our daughter Emily is currently teething which means that she is always cranky and not sleeping very well. On Saturday we wanted to go climbing, but didn't want to go anywhere too far away so that we could easily return home if she got too cranky. Riverside Quarry ended up being the place to go.

We headed to Slab City since it is a good kid friendly area and has quite a few climbs in the 5.10 range. When we got there we found one other couple climbing there, and luckily enough they also had a baby (which is always nice since that means they won't be to bothered if Emily is a little bit fussy).

Unfortunately we forgot the camera so we didn't take any photos, but I'll try to put up a couple of older ones to at least show the routes. We started by climbing a 5.10b called "Goody Two Shoes". I ran up it and got the redpoint then Amy TR'd it (sorry, no photos of this one).

After "Goody Two Shoes" I noticed that someone had bailed off of "Shattered Dreams" and left a quicklink. Being unable to resist the booty call I ran up that route (again getting the redpoint for probably the 10th time now), and Amy TR'd it.

Shattered Dreams - 5.10c


After cleaning the trash off of "Shattered Dreams" I wanted to do something that would give me a bit of a work out so I jumped on a 5.10d called "Cling Thing". Even though this one is only a 10d it is steep pumpy and is certainly not the type of climbing that I am best at right now so it feels much harder to me than either of the previous two routes we had done that day. I was able to get the Redpoint, and Amy didn't even want to try that route so we just called it a day.

Cling Thing - 5.10d

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