Sunday, September 16, 2012

Frustration Creek, 06/15/2012

On Friday afternoon after getting all of our stuff unpacked and getting settled back in at our appartment, we decided that we should head up the canyon so that I could finish bolting a route that I had started several months ago.  We headed up the canyon to hike out to the route which is about a mile from the road, but as we started hiking, we found that the trail was overgrown, there was a lot of poison ivy, and there were tons of annoying bugs, so we decided that maybe the area wasn't a summer area.  Instead we just headed to Frustration Creek since it was only about 5 minutes away and gets afternoon shade. 

Now Amy has always hated the 5.7 called "Rumble in the Rubble", I'm not sure why, but she feels like it is much harder than 5.7, so I decided that it was time for her to lead it.  I lead it first to hang the draws for her, and then she lead it as well and got the redpoint without any problems.  I think she still thought it was harder than 5.7, but she did great.

Next I wanted to do "Three Kings" because it is the route that I feel like is much harder than it's 5.10a rating.  Three Kings is like a slab route that has just be tipped up until it is almost vertical and has these tiny little sharp edges that you can use for holds.  I climbed the route cleanly, then Amy TR'd it.

Showing Danny where to go

After that, Danny wanted to climb, so we had him TR the slab that I had put a bolted anchor at the top of back in April.  Unfortunately, the only photos we got were of Danny's TR, but they are still pretty fun.

Climbing next to Danny

Arriving at the anchors

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