Sunday, September 30, 2012

Riverside Quarry, 08/16/2012

Well it was another saturday morning, and another trip to the Riverside Quarry.  As usual we went to Slab City, and as usual, we did some of our standard routes there.

I bet you'd have never guessed that we started with Mantle Marathon (5.10a) right?  Well we did, I went up the route first and hung the draws for Amy, then she lead the route and got the redpoint (after one fall at the first bolt and restarting).

Starting the crux of Mantle Marathon - 5.10a

Amy at the first bolt of Mantle Marathon

Amy Pulling the Crux

Our next route was Goody Two Shoes (5.10b) and it was the same story as Mantle Marathon.  Of course Goody Two Shoes has the fun 5.10b slab move for the crux, and it is always funny watching Amy get ready to do it and not commit to the move several times before she finally does and has no problem sticking it. 

Goody Two Shoes - 5.10b

Amy just before the crux

Trying to commit to the crux move

I wanted to do an .11 while we were there, so I decided on Bottom Feeder (5.11b).  I fell off of the crux once when I slipped off of the crimp that you are going to, then on my second try I stuck the move and couldn't remember what to do after that (it's super easy, for some reason I just couldn't read the rock).  I ended up hanging on and figuring out where I was supposed to go, then I realized that I had already passed the bolt after the crux, so I reached down below me to clip it and continued up the route without further incident.  I don't know what was up with me on the route, but my head just wasn't working right.  Amy didn't even want to try Bottom Feeder and we had things to do, so we packed up and headed home. 

Just past the crux of Bottom Feeder - 5.11b


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