Sunday, September 16, 2012

Riverside Quarry, 6/22/2012

On Friday the 22nd of June, the kids wanted to go to the zoo, so we decided to head to the OC Zoo, but we figured that since the Riverside Quarry is right on the way to the zoo, we'd at least do a couple of climbs on our way there.

We headed to slab city as usual, and decided to start out with Mantle Marathon (big surprise huh?).  I ran up the route, and left the draws hung for Amy, then she lead the route and got the redpoint.

After Mantle Marathon, I wanted to do something that would be quick but still give me a decent pump, so I ran up Cling Thing since it has a nice pumpy crux through the first three bolts.  After those two quick routes we packed up and headed to the zoo.

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