Sunday, September 9, 2012

Riverside Quarry, 05/12/2012

Well, Another Saturday came where we just had to climb somewhere close by so we once again headed to the Riverside Quarry.

I decided that since Amy had lead .10a's the two previous weeks it was time for her to try a .10b.  Luckily for her, there is a great .10b called "Goody Two Shoes" that is all ike 5.8 climbing except for a single .10b slab move at the crux.  I ran up the route and hung the draws for her, then she headed up.  She made it to the crux without a problem, but then she just didn't want to commit to the crux move, she kept going to do it, then backing down several times before she finally commited and did the move.  Her first .10b ever and she redpointed it. I was so proud;)

Goody Two Shoes - 5.10b


Amy pulling the crux

After Goody Two Shoes we decided to do another .10b called "Mantlepiece".  The crux of Mantlepiece is pulling off of a slopy crimper, and it was a rather hot day, so I ended up blowing the redpoint when I greased off of the hold.  After that, Amy decided not to try leading it, but did TR it.

Mantlepiece - 5.10b


We decided to finish the day up with a .10d called "Cling Thing" since it stays in the shade longer than most of the other routes.  I ran up the route and got the redpoint, but when I got to the top of the route there was another climber at the anchors trying to clean them after doing another route.  It was kind of lucky that I was there since he didn't really know what he was doing and I was able to show him how to clean.  After I got down Danny wanted to swing, so I hauled him up and let him swing around a bit, but Emily was very tired and was being kind of crazy so Amy quickly TR'd the route then we packed up and headed home so the kids could take their nap. 

Cling Thing - 5.10d


Hanging out waiting for the anchors to open up

Danny just hanging around

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