Sunday, September 9, 2012

Holcomb Valley Pinicles - 04/21/2012

So, as you can tell by the date that we headed to HVP, I am way, way, way behind on my posting.  This is because of a bunch trips (both business and personal) that I have had lately, and trying to go through and edit all of the photos from them.  Because of this, I am going to keep the next few posts very short, but I don't want to miss anything, so I am still posting them. 

On the 21st of april we decided to try climbing at one of the Fawnskin crags by Big Bear Lake with Gwyenn.  We drove up to the town of Fawnskin only to find that the road heading up to the crags was blocked with a gate so we decided to head to Holcomb Valley instead.  We ended up taking the dirt roads from Fawnskin over to Holcomb Valley, and found them to be really good roads.  We arrived at the parking lot for Holcomb Valley Pinicles (after having to drive through several large lakes in the road from the snowstorm a week earlier) and hiked into the ampatheatre.  We started by on Thunderbird wall on what I thought was a 5.9 (granted I didn't look to closely at the book and assumed the 5.9 shown was bolted not trad).  The route ended up being a 5.10b called Fawnskin.  I got the onsight, Amy and Gwyenn TR'd it.

After Fawnskin, the kids were being crazy, and we didn't want to bug the rest of the people in the Ampatheatre, so we walked around to Pistol Whipped Wall (there was noone there for the kids to annoy).  We started by climbing a .10a called Ricochet.  The route was really good with fun moves throughout the whole thing.  I got the onsight, and again, Amy and Gwyenn TR'd it. 

Next I decided that a .10b called Shootin' Blanks looked fun so we jumped on that.  This route followed a crack through a roof and looked fun, but the crack ended up being super sharp and was incredibally painful as I jammed through it.  I still got the onsight, but the painful crack along with wierd bold placements made it a route that I probably wouldn't want to repeat.  Again, Amy and Gwyenn TR'd it.  Since the kids had continued being a bit crazy and it was nap time, we decided to call it a day and headed home.

Sorry, no photos for this post, maybe next time.

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