Sunday, September 9, 2012

Riverside Quarry, 05/05/2012

On Saturday May 5th we headed to riverside quarry to do a bit of climbing.  We got there and decided that Amy needed to lead Mantle Marathon.  She had lead her first 5.10 at red rocks the week before, so we figured that Mantle Marathon would be a good .10a for her to try.  I lead the route first so that I could clip a long draw to the crux bolt for her (the bolt is very badly placed and should be at least a foot lower).  After I got down Amy lead it easily.  She did fall off at the crux once, but she went right back up and finished the route.  It was awesome since this really was her first true 5.10 lead.

Mantle Marathon - 5.10a



After Mantle Marathon we decided to do something new, so we headed over to a 5.10c called "Lucky Lady".  This route ended up being really fun and also quite long which is nice.  I got the onsight, then Amy TR'd it.

Lucky Lady - 5.10c





After Lucky Lady I decided that I wanted to try a 5.12, so just left of Lucky Lady was a 5.12a/b called "Chaste but Tasty". I worked the route and made it to the sixth bolt, but at that point it turns to just crazy thin slab, and I couldn't figure it out so I bailed.  I'll have to try it again sometime and employ more cheater tactics (like stick-clipping the next bolt or something) so that I can figure it out.

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