Friday, September 28, 2012

Frustration Creek, 07/19/2012

As you may have noticed, we haven't been climbing with Bennett and Gwyenn very often lately.  the reason for that is because Bennett got a new job as a firefighter and being the lowest man on the totem pole, he got stuck with the Friday - Sunday shift.  Well, as I was driving home from work on Thursday the 19th of July, I got a text from Bennett saying that he wanted to go climbing, so we decided to just head up the canyon and go to Frustration Creek since it is so close to us that we'd have more time to climb.  I hurried home from work, grabbed the gear and family, and we headed up the canyon.

When we arived at Frustration Creek I jumped on "Three Kings" (5.10a/b) and Amy started with "Rumble in the Rubble" (5.7).  I really have to say that Three Kings is such a fun route.  It is super short, but the moves through the crux more than make up for it.  The crux is a vertical slab with these tiny holds and it is all balance.  I redpointed Three Kings while Amy also redpointed Rumble in the Rubble.  Bennett then TR'd Three Kings while Gwyenn TR'd Rumble in the rubble, then we moved on to other routes.

Next Bennett and I jumbed on "Unnatural Act" (5.10b).  We both took turns leading the route, Bennett got the onsight and I redpointed it, while Amy and Gwyenn took turns TRing Three Kings.  Once Bennett and I finished up with Unnatural Act, we decided to head over to Ruble in the Rubble so that we could clean the anchors, so just for good measure, we both took turns leading it as well.

For our last route of the day, I wanted something a bit more challanging so we decided to do "Eco Challange" (5.11a).  Once again, Amy and Gwyenn took turns TRing Unnatural Act as I lead Eco Challange.  I ended up blowing the redpoint when I forgot the crux sequence and took a fall, but I quickly remembered the moves and finished up the route.  After I got down, Bennett, Amy, and Gwyenn each took their turns TRing Eco Challange, then we packed up and headed home since it was past the kids bedtime.

Overall we felt that we got quite a bit of climbing in for just heading out after work, I think we'll have to try this more often.

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